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How to Cook Live Lobster in 5 Easy Steps

Whether you’re a seafood fan or not, you can’t deny that a well-cooked lobster is a joy to eat. I believe that fresh, juicy lobster meat is the most delicious version, so it’s usually best to cook one alive.But how exactly do you cook a live lobster? Some people may be squeamish and think that […]

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How to Defrost Shrimp? Two Super Easy Ways to Do It

Buying shrimps may be a bit confusing for a newbie cook. While it may be tempting to buy a bag of fresh-looking shrimps in the supermarket, I’d still recommend buying frozen shrimps instead.Ironically, frozen shrimps are often fresher than thawed-out ones because shrimps are usually frozen right after they’re harvested. If you spot thawed-out shrimps […]

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